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Monday, January 16, 2012

For Nostalgia...

Reading the recent sad news of the cruise ship that sunk in Italy, I was reminded about MV Doulas, a floating book fair ship that operates for charity. We used to go on school trips to the ship to buy books and it was so exciting! It was an event I used to look forward to every year!

So, I’m adding one more thing to my 2012 resolutions..to hunt that ship down, and see when is it coming to the UAE!

I’ve googled it and I’ve found that another ship now operates as a book fair instead:

“MV Logos hope is a vessel operated by the German charitable organization. It is actually designed to replace the previous MV Doulos which was sold to a singaporean in 2009. MV Logos hope is twice as big, the ship was completely refitted over a period of 5 years. They have volunteer crews and staffs of over 400 people, from around the world over 50 different countries. There’s a book fair featuring more than 5000 different titles ( almost half a million of books collection).”

Interesting right?

So maybe it’s not the same ship, but I LOVE books! The volunteer option is quite tempting too… What better way/place to volunteer than on a ship full of books?

Well anyway..my search turned up that the ship was here last year January – If I only knew. I checked out their schedule this year, up until August it’s going to be in the Far East. I guess I’ll just have to keep tabs and reminders every few months to find out when exactly they’ll be back in UAE.

Might not be an achievable 2012 resolution after all.

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