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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Eid was good. Really good this time. Eid to us is all about F.A.M.I.L.Y. First day - you see family. 2nd Day again, more of family and 3rd day - most of the time it's family.

I love my family.

I didn't do much that was different than last time, but I felt our family had that spirit in them. Our family custom is to gather on 2nd day of Eid. Recently, we've been holding one of our other functions on the same day as well, our "Awards Ceremony" to celebrate educational excellence. It's our (my age group of cousins) second year to organize it, thus a lot of time went into booking the venue, getting the menu sorted, getting a projector, the presentation, collecting marks, updates on new members into the family. etc. Each student is given a target grade to reach every year, which when reached, he/she is awarded by a prize in front of the whole family.

I remember as a kid this was certainly an event we used to look forward to, and it was a great motivator to do well and achieve in our final exams. Now this day is merged which the 2nd day of eid which makes it all more important not to mess it up. Stress levels are high, but once again we pulled it off. Another achievement for us!

Now, after Eid, I'm looking back on how fast ramadhan passed. I did quite well at the beginning, going for taraweeh prayers and reading the Quran as planned. I slacked off in the middle as we were in the midst of shifting, however, this Ramadhan has left me a bit more knowledgeable of the Quran, alhamdulilah.

How has Ramadhan left you?

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