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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 years

I lived there for 3 years
...and went back after 3 years.

It got me thinking how much can change.

What if I said three years from now, you're suddenly not friends anymore?
What if three years from now, the person you love isn't there
What if three years from now you realise some things are exactly the same?
What if three years from now you feel time has cheated you?

"3 years from now... " if anyone told me then I'd have called them a liar.

And you look around at others, and see how much has changed in their life. How much has changed in yours and finally I look at how much has changed in mine. It could've been 3 years, or even 3 months. In the end, the only change I can see is the change within.


  1. i'm malaysian and now in Qatar..i'll get you tonne of Twiggies xx

  2. If you come over to Dubai, please do! :D