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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Makan? Minum? FOOD I love!

For anyone planning to visit Malaysia: this is my food guide
Teh Tarik

Roti Tissue

And my favourite: Chocolate TWIGGIES (supermarket)
Some I don't have pictures of, unfortunately I lost my camera there.
Other foods I indulged in: Somehow tastier in mamak stalls (stalls based on the streets)
  • Maggi Goreng (fried noodles)
  • Nasi Goreng seafood (fried rice)
  • Tandoori Chicken + Double cheese nan
  • Roti Tisu (sea picture above - Cone shaped crispy bread with sugar coatings)
  • Roti susu (Bread with sweetened condensed milk. Tasty)
  • Roti Canai (plain bread)
  • Tom Yam - Sea Food (Spicy soup) Yumminess great with white rice.
  • Limau Ice (lemon juice)
  • Teh Tarik (tea)
  • Apple & aloe vera juice - (supermarket). Ps. Anyone visiting Malaysia may get me this drink as a gift. With twiggies.
  • Orange Juice


  • Bubba Gump - best shrimp place in town "run FOREST run"
  • Manhattan Fish market - traditional fish n chips
  • Burger King. Yes. They have The Tastiest Mushroom Swiss Burger. Better than other BK's I've tasted worldwide!
  • Michaelangelo's - for pasta
  • Espressamenti - Ellie's - for a chillout facing the fountain at Bukit Bintang
  • Secret Recipe - for deserts
  • Delicious - for tea time snacks
  • Tappanyaki - for japanese food lovers

Ah Malaysia is my food heaven.



  1. Oh oh oh ... and the BEST Tea-O-Ice (iced tea) on the planet.

    And the little old lady right in front of Chinatown who sells chilled watermelon juice..

    And .... the Thai restaurant on the third floor of the Suria KLCC that serves the best papaya/mango salad (it's actually sour) on the planet.

    And the best Malaysian food on the planet was served at a weird restaurant at Malaka's one and only shopping mall.

    Espressamenti - Ellie's - for a chillout facing the fountain at Bukit Bintang (YES!!)

    Oh .. and the Gelato at that new shopping mall near Arab street, what's it called? Umm.. Pavilion? Yeah, the Pavilion. Their Gelato was to DIE FOR.

    And the chocolate fountain at Sunway Pyramids.

    Ahh... you're my soulmate.


  2. LOL Nadia!!!

    I can still go on... and on.. about the food there!

    How can I forget Ampang view. Where you can see the whole of KL beneath you... While eating at a restaurant called Bread and Oil. Aaaah...

    I'm going to have to go to Melaka next time and look for that restaurant...! Trust me, I don't mind crossing cities for good food in Malaysia.
    Cheers :)