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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Words unlike any other words...

Majda Roumi's song - Kalimat has me mesmerized once again. This song holds such dear memories for me, and at that point, it was just a song. At that tender age I never understood it or even listened to the lyrics. It was a tune that would transport me to a different time. Now, I can relate to it and it is such a romantic song, and she's got a beautiful voice.

This song is about a woman who was taken to the dance floor and been told words as they danced that drifted her off to basically dream land, unaware of her surroundings only for the dance to end, and for her to go back to her seat with nothing but the words uttered to her.

The lyrics are a poem by Nizar Qabbanni. Here is an english translation:

He tells me,
When he dances with me,
Words that aren't like words
He takes me underneath my arm
And plants me in a cloud

And the black rain in my eye
Pours down... pours
He carries me with him... he carries me
To a night on a rose-filled terrace

And I am like a child in his hand
Like a feather carried on the breeze
He carries for me seven moons
In his hand a bunch of songs

He gives me a sun... he gives me
A summer and a flock of swallows

He tells me... that I am his masterpiece
And I am equal to thousands of stars
And that I am a treasure... and that I am
More beautiful than any painting he'd ever seen

He tells me things that make me giddy
That make me forget the dance hall and the steps
Words that upturn my history
That make me a woman in seconds

He's builds me a castle of illusions
I don't live in it except for a few moments
And I return, I return to my table
With nothing with me... except words


I feel like falling in love all over again now

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