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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pain is another cheater...

PAIN doesn't seize to amaze me. We take for granted feeling healthy and fine - free of pain. I can't imagine what people who have constant pain go through. A little pain/discomfort can change my whole outlook on life and change my mood. Yet again, it also makes me appreciate. But once the pain goes, I forget how bad it feels and when it does come back again (which it definitely does) I am again amazed.
Why is it that we always remember the good stuff in our life but not the bad? Somehow with the bad - the way I remember it isn't as intesified as it was originally. I look back at my diary entries and I am shocked at the intensity of my feelings because I don't remember it that way! It isn't so bad in my memory, but there on paper it's terrible!

Pain is essential to survival. It motivates us to withdraw from damaging or potentially damaging situations, protect damaged body parts while they heal, and avoid those situations in the future

Maybe I should remember Wikipedia next time I'm in pain, or babies. Did you know that babies experience more pain than the doctors realise? Babies don't necessarily cry when they are in pain.

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