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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot hot HOT!

This summer is killing me...

The heat is unbelievable. I've been having headaches, and unexplainable body aches. Oh and insomnia. For a while I just couldn't sleep. I really don't get it. Stress levels are high I must admit. Everyone's on leave or sick! At the office I was fortunate enough for one colleague to go on leave and the other to get chicken pox just the next day! Great timings. I have to do the work of three.

Guests. Come weekend and Hello guests! Especially since it's summer time many of my younger cousins come over to spend time with us, add on random guests who drop by, add on guests who've come for a holiday, add on our normal friday gathering and add on transit visitors. You can imagine the rest. It was a fiasco.

The best part is: The leave days my colleague took are perfect. For him. I'll be wasting my leave days to adjust to his! I'm a tad bit annoyed... but the actual positive thing about all this, or this whole post is that I'm going on holiday.

Yes. I. Am.


  1. Welcome back to the blogogsphere..!!
    Missed your posts. And boy do I agree about the weather, though it's way better over here around 34-16 degrees.

  2. Thanks Rummz! It's good to be back.. where are you?? Not in the gulf surely :p