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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Waka waka...This is Africa!

I had an AWESOME holiday! I Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I went for my friend's wedding in Tanga, Tanzania and it was beautiful. The weather's beautiful, the people are so friendly, the food is soooo tasty... it was pure bliss! The music, the dancing, the FUN! The fun... oh I had so much fun!

Life is quite laid back over there, and time doesn't seem to move as fast... I can't speak enough about the weather though... a huge change from the heat over here.

The wedding was amazing...I have to tell you about the "baykoko". This is an african beat where women dance to it by moving their hips in a slow sensual way... and they get all hyper and lie on the floor dancing to it! It's something I've never seen before but trust me. All those who saw it there for the first time with me, will never forget it for sure! Baykoko has certainly inspired people in funny ways after that!

My trip was lovely all in all.. made new friends, shared experiences, and realized once again, 'what a small world'. There's always a connection somewhere. I could be talking to someone over the phone in a totally different country, not knowing I'd meet this person one day, and under what circumstances. It doesn't seize to amaze me. I believe everything does happen for a reason. Each person that we encounter in our day to day life has a purpose, a reason why they said what they said, or why we met them in the first place. It's just that we don't know the reason yet. We'll only be able to connect the dots later in life, and sometimes we would never see how the dots can even be connected, it's just hidden wisdom. And we have to accept that... It's the beauty of life isn't it?

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