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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is too short not to love your job...right?

Right. I'm bored of my job. Tired of it... the more the days pass, the more I'm convinced that I need to change my job. ASAP. When I think of tomorrow, I dread going to work. I have the typical 9to5 job...I don't know how or when such strong dislike of my work has emerged...I'm surprised at myself!

...and I am confused. So if I don't like this job then what DO I like? I'm looking into myself to see what exactly is it that I want to do. I'm even thinking of a career change but everything is so vague at the moment.

Looking back though, I knew it. I knew while I was in college that majoring in accounts wasn't what I really liked.. and I just went ahead with it. Now nearly after 4 years in the field I want out - or I want different. Whatever it is I want a change for now. What scares me is that what if I get something worse than what I have now. What if my current job is better than the next one?

I know the only way of finding out is to try.

Apparently there are many out there like me.. all you need to do is google 'changing careers' and read their experiences. There's a lot of tips online, and guidance but they all say the same thing. A thorough self-assessment needs to be done about what I want instead. It isn't easy but it's definitely possible.


  1. I know the feeling trust me. And I'm stuck at this crossroad myself. I know for a fact I loved what I chose to study, it's just the environment that I am is what I hate. I even see my enthusiastic self being drawn to halt because of it. Maybe December is trying to tell us that the next year should be the year where we do some soul search and find out more about our potential and ourselves?!

  2. Yea Rummz I guess 2011 is probably the year for change, not just soul searching. Year to feel ALIVE once again :) Start looking out for environments you'd prefer working at and try to make a move.

  3. An honest self assessment is necessary from time to time as well as doing a Strength-weakness analysis for improvement sake.

    Everyone goes through such crossroads even me at the moment so hang in there. As for me i keep mentioning this mantra over and over in the morning "2011 is my year".


  4. Lol Delta, I went through 2010 saying it's my year... but then again maybe I didn't really believe it. So it doesn't work that way... I hear. You need to 100% believe in it for it to happen...

    it's comforting to know others are out there and we're on the same boat. Thnx mate :)