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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It is very sad seeing the events that have been unfolding recently. Bahrain our neighbor state is going through very distressing conditions at this moment. My heart goes out to the people, but I am not surprised at the stance the Arab leader has taken after so many weeks. Arab men are known to be proud, and to rule their people with strong fist. Just like how most raise their children, with the stick for every wrong they do, until the child, in fear obeys the father. The Arabs need to learn it doesn’t work that way anymore. Even with your own children, violence doesn’t get you any where; it just sparks rebellion in them. Arabs need to learn the art of dialogue, of being fair, of re-instilling Islamic values and practices, of kindness and toleration. All this wouldn’t have happened if the people were treated fairly in the first place. If the Shiites are truly being oppressed in Bahrain, it is their right to voice out their demands for a better life and equality; however, it seems that the protesters have bitten more than they could chew.
They demanded a lot, and it seems that they will loose it all.

Be reasonable in your protests, just because it happened in Egypt and Tunisia, doesn’t mean things will go the same way for you. You’ve voiced your opinion, you did get some positive dialogue. Make a deal and walk away till next time. Safely. Alive. In peace.

My heart goes out to Bahrain.

الله يحفظكم

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