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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The X-Files

It was one of those scary nights with a starry sky and the moon so bright that it looked as if it didn’t belong there, when it happened to him again.
The house with the sky in view, porch light on and the wind rustling around looked like a haunted house even though it was an ordinary house.
It was all silent except for the faint sound of the television somewhere in the house and a dog’s footsteps that were heading towards its bowl. The dog ate a little bit and left to his master’s bedroom to settle down at the bottom of a bed where his master, Duane Barry, was lying on his back, snoring a little in his sleep. The walls around him were covered in plastic dust sheets covers as the house was in the process of being extended.
The dog was looking at the television screen where there was a black and white film on and suddenly the dog raised its head, whimpered, it was frightened. The T.V had suddenly turned to static and there was no image.
Something was moving around the house. Strange figured. They could be seen through the plastic sheeting as two of them stood beside Duane’s bed, two indiscernible shapes seem to be watching them. The dog felt it. It whimpered and jumped off the bed. Just then Duane Barry woke up abruptly, startled, feeling suffocated as if something were closing in on his lungs. He gasped out helplessly, “I can’t breathe!”
He was illuminated with intense white light.
The alien figures were still standing mysteriously behind the sheeting when the light becomes more and more intense that blinds Barry and forces him to turn his head away. The aliens now were moving closer and closer…
There was a scream.
A scream that scares you out of your skin, a scream more like a cry of pity and mercy, as the aliens surrounded his bed.
“No, NO! Not again!”
Every window and door had intense white light pouring out of it. A beam of intense white light came from an alien spaceship and into the house. The whole place was lit up and his screams were getting fainter.

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