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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dark Figure

It is late. It is actually very late, cold and creepy around here. The cold is getting to me, I could feel it crawling slowly inside me as I stand waiting on the platform. It is all quiet, they’re standing there also waiting for the last train to arrive. I turn my head to look at them, they’re no different from me. We’re all scared of each other, staring at each other.
The silence is killing me, it’s too silent. I walk away from them, maybe too far from their staring eyes, it somehow makes me feel comfortable, to know that I’m alone. Am I alone? As I look around me, a shiver runs up my spine. There is one other person on the platform, a dark figure. Suddenly the lights are extinguished, a sudden rush of wind whips up and there is a strange howling sound. I’m shivering, I embrace myself to keep the chills off and slowly look around me, cautiously, probably expecting a monster or something, but all I can see is the mist surrounding me and nothing more. I look ahead and try to concentrate not to panic, there is no one around, it’s only me, and the train is going to come any minute now and I’ll be on my way home.
Suddenly, in the middle of the silence and alarm went off, I let out a cry and I nearly jump out my skin, oh my god, calm down, calm down. It was just my watch going off at midnight. I’m tired. I turn my head to look around, and there in the shadows, he is standing, a dark figure. I can’t see his face, a mist comes and eats him up. I look ahead and wipe my eyes, I’m very tired and exhausted today, I’m imagining things. I’ll get home, lay down and wake up early tomorrow…thank god. I can hear the faint sound of the train coming in. There it is, the train. I run towards it as fast as my legs can go, I look behind and start running faster. I saw a glimpse of a figure running after me. I’m running faster away from him.
My breath is coming in gasps. Cool down. I’m in the train and it’s moving now. I look outside and I see the dark figure standing there in the light. I could see his face. I gasped . I couldn’t…he hasn’t got one!


I wrote this when I was probably 14 years old for school, I then posted them in ES, and now I'd like it here in my blog for my memories.

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