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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some of my Descriptive writings

I wrote this back when I was in school, about a prisoner and her experience in jail. Enjoy reading:


Tears welled up in my eyes as i looked at the four walls around me, from the top narrow bed, and the pain shot through me as it does every morning at the sight of those suffocating grey walls, which seem to be closing in on me, with no way out, day by day.

The tears were gone now. I turned to the powerful and stonger me, ready to face the day ahead of me. I jumped off the bed, made it and walked out of the iron bars. I gave no attention to the person who was still snoring below my bed, who got punished for it. i gave no attention to anyone at all now. I didnt know what to say to them, i guess thats just cause there is nothing to say.

I was pushed down the corridor, stopped now and then for the guards to unlock the door. As i reached the toilets there was an endless queue, each person awaiting to take their turns. Standing at the entrancewas a massive guard with a mean look on her face. We were ushered in three at a time with a huge blow on the back. Thank you. Inside the crammed room, there were cobwebs on each unreachable corner and greasy taps, which you'd think twice before touching them. I held my breath as I undressed, 'to the last piece' as ordered. It was as though I was undressed to the last piece of my dignity.

Long wooden tables were lined across the breakfast room. The breakfast consisted of green soup with unknown ingredients in it, which I was forced to eat within ten minutes. Silently we were seated, everyone's head was bent into their bowls and the only sound, was the clicking of spoons against bowls, that was heard.
looking around I happened to notice a slimy creature moving on the table, just opposite me. I felt the scream coming up and i held myself just in time, for the consequenses would've been severe.

As the sunlight touched my face, I felt a sense of freedom, but only for a split of a second before I was pushed ahead to move on. For the past three years it still had that effect on me. The morning refreshments were really refreshing, but at the sight of the fence surrounding the ground and beyond that a greater wall shattered my dreams. Being outside always made me feel that freedom is so close, but yet so far, even farther than that great wall.

The morning courses were really tiring, cleaning cells with an arm's length broom made of sticks and hay was exhausting and suffocating. By the time I was nearly finished, I was hurried into the kitchen to cook lunch. For lunch we had a handful of spoiled rice, a piece of stale and a glass of water, which i forced myself to gulp down my throat, god knows how hungry you get.

The evening courses were worse. Washing nearly half of the prisoner's clothes of plain, dull grey material was deadly. By the time i finished, dinner had already been served. Without me.

With a rumbling stomach, I wandered back into my cell. I climbed on my bed, and lay on my back on the hard mattress...so relaxing. I hugged myself. I was on my own now and the dark was creeping in. The walls were closing in...closing...faster as i drifted off to sleep.

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