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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadhan Kareem

This is one of my earliest memories, that comes back to me every Ramadhan. It's nothing religious, only connected to a religious month. I'm going back into time to relate what I always remember:

I rested my head against the window pane, forehead on cold glass looking out through the fog at the crowd, whose laughter reached me through the walls. A group of boys. Huddled. Around a bonfire on a chilly night. I watched from above as my brother walked out of the house, cross the street and join them. How enjoyable, I thought, and lucky. To be free... to be a boy. I crouched down, my mind not mine as I stared out into the fire. At the unfairness of it all. If only I were a boy...
P.s. No, I don't wish that anymore...

I eventually found out that Ramadhan is more than a 'guys staying-up-late night'! Ramadhan is much more meaningful than the outings, the shopping, the T.v serials and the food.

Besides, with the current weather, my envious memory can take a back seat for now.

May Allah accept all our good deeds and our fasting Insha'Allah this holy month of Ramadhan. I hope most of you take good advantage of it.

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